Citizen Steward Green Tube Initiative

Citizen Steward Green Tube Initiative


Why: As far as urban flowing rivers go, the Deschutes is one of the cleanest in the nation. BUT, it is quickly becoming loved to death as thousands of recreators enjoy the cool Oregon waters. If we want to use and enjoy the river, we all have the responsibility to protect and respect it. We at Tumalo Creek would like to invite you to become a Citizen Steward and join the Green Tube Initiative to help keep the Deschutes River healthy, beautiful, and clean.

It’s super simple!

  1. Rent a Green Tube from Tumalo Creek Kayak and Canoe and pick up a grabber and mesh bag
  2. Float the river and enjoy the hot sun and cold water
  3. Pick up trash you may find all along the way and keep it in the mesh bag
  4. Deposit the trash in the designated bin at the end of the float in Drake Park
  5. Get others to join in on the stewardship and fun!


Effects: The Green Tube Initiative is designed to be easy and fun for all ages and it will enhance your river experience. Knowing that you are contributing the the long-term protection of the Deschutes River adds to the enjoyment of floating this section of the river. There are numerous effects including: the reduction of trash and harmful materials which hurt birds, fish, and humans, the reduction of erosion to the banks and damage to riparian areas, and the general beautification of the waterway. All these effects help ensure that everyone may continue to enjoy the waters we have here in Bend.