Tumalo Creek is committed to serving the community and visitors of Central Oregon in the best way we know how: to share the joy of paddling in beautiful places and help create experiences and relationships with people seeking the same. We value treating our customers with dignity and respect and do the same for our Tumalo Creek team.

All of our team members have a passion for some aspect of paddling and that’s how we continue to spread the stoke to our customers, guests and visitors. We strive to encourage moments that will leave a lasting impact and leave people with a fond memory of their time at Tumalo Creek.

As Tumalo Creek Team Members we always strive to:

  • Be positive
  • Be respectful
  • Be passionate
  • Be inspirational
  • Be a team player

Interested in Applying?  We begin our hiring process in March.

Successful hires at Tumalo Creek will contribute these qualities to our team: authentic passion for paddling; desire to be constantly improving and seeking ways to better the Company; integrity to work ethic and values; positive attitude towards growth, feedback and performance; welcoming kindness to everyone they come into contact with as a representative of Tumalo Creek. Our team enjoys paddling together on the local rivers, post-work BBQ’s, and surfing in the whitewater park for fun.

Submit an application anytime.

We will be hiring for CDL Drivers, rental, retail and program instruction beginning in March 2023


Fill out an application, attach a resume and/or cover letter, and submit to [email protected]

Details on Seasonal Hiring Process:

Programs Season: May- September

Rental Season: May 15th – August 31st

Retail Sales Season: June-September

When applying for a summer/seasonal position, please understand that we expect you to remain with us for the whole season. Due to the brevity of the season, we cannot accommodate extensive vacations outside of the regular scheduled days off. If you have other obligations before the end of the season, please let us know ahead of time.