Intermediate Whitewater Kayaking Weekend


Intermediate Whitewater Kayaking Weekend


The focus of the Intermediate Whitewater Kayaking class will be precision river running and paddling finesse. We will spend as much time as possible on the water, building our foundation of whitewater paddling skills. The class will cater to the skill level of each paddler, refining basic technique for those who need a little more time, and adding challenges for those who are ready.

Class Description

The Intermediate Whitewater Kayaking class runs from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday we’ll meet at the shop at 8 a.m., review equipment and then hit the road. When we get on the river we’ll first get warmed up and then spend some time getting comfortable with the basic skills from our Full Immersion class.

Why spend time revisiting basic whitewater paddling skills? Successfully running the toughest rapids is highly dependent on having a strong foundation of basic skills, and we’re committed to helping you build this.

Over the course of Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning we’ll introduce some of the more advanced paddling skills such as side slips, boof strokes, and skulling, with plenty of time to delve into your area of interest. On Sunday afternoon we will shift our focus to fundamental rescue techniques. These crucial skills will make you a more confident paddler. We’ll practice assisted and self rescue techniques as well as best practices for active swimming and boat recovery. Paddling locations are dependent on conditions, but may include the McKenzie River, the Deschutes River and the North Santiam River. The cost of the Intermediate Whitewater Kayaking Class is $195.

Class Requirements: This class is designed for paddlers who are already familiar with the sport of whitewater kayaking. If you’ve taken our Full Immersion class and you’re ready for more, this is the perfect next step. This is NOT an introductory class.

Skills we will review and build on:
-Outfitting a kayak
-Basic strokes and bracing
-Ferrying, catching eddies
-Reading water and scouting
-Boat control, understanding edges and boat tilt

Skill we will introduce:
-Side slips and skulling
-Boof strokes and timing
-Assisted rescues
-Self rescues
-Retrieving equipment
-Active swimming
-Rescuing swimmers

What to bring: Tumalo Creek provides all kayak gear, but please dress to get wet. We recommend warm, quick-drying underlayers, with dry tops, dry suits or wet suits. (We have dry suits or wet suits you can borrow.) Even in warmer weather, dry tops are recommended as the temperature of the river is around forty degrees and colder. Bring high-energy lunch and snacks, a towel and a change of clothes for the end of the day.

Our Instructors

Our Intermediate Whitewater Kayaking instructors are ACA certified Whitewater Instructors, First Aid certified, and River Rescue Technicians. Not only do we paddle for work, but you can find us running our favorite local whitewater spots in our free time. We’re dedicated to sharing the experience of whitewater kayaking with you in a safe and enjoyable learning environment.

We do not take online reservations within 24 hours of the class. Please call the shop to reserve your spot within that time period: 541.317.9407.  We require a minimum class size, so periodically we need to reschedule due to low enrollment.