Learn to roll a kayak without barriers! Join Tumalo Creek in Redmond's heated pool for a great introduction or refresher to the kayak roll.

Whether you're stepping into a whitewater kayak for the very first time or returning after years away from the sport, Tumalo Creek's roll classes offer an excellent starting point.

Over the winter these classes are hosted at the Redmond Pool. You'll not only become acquainted with fellow participants but also immerse yourself in the world of kayaking. Anticipate a comprehensive introduction to the kayak roll, covering everything from equipment basics to exiting a kayak, and the precise steps involved in executing a successful roll.

You are welcome to bring your own kayak or use our equipment if you don't have your own. Please call the shop ahead of time to coordinate if you need to borrow equipment. Class ratio's are 3 kayakers to 1 instructor.

Equipment List

Tumalo Creek Provides

  • Profesional Instruction
  • Kayak - If needed
  • Skirt - If needed
  • Paddle - If needed

Participant Provides

  • Rash guard and board shorts or similar pool appropriate layers
  • Light wetsuit if you run cold
  • Clean kayak, skirt, and paddle if you plan to use your own

Gear required for this trip is available for purchase at our shop.

Meeting Location

Cascade Swim Center 465 SW Rimrock Way Redmond, OR 97756


Tumalo Creek Deposits and Cancellation Policies:

One Day Lessons/Tours: 48 hours prior to departure date required for cancellations or date changes. No Shows, cancellations or date changes for any reason inside the 48 hour period will be subject to forfeiture of all fees.

Tumalo Creek (TC) Initiated Cancellation Disclaimer: Applies to all one day lessons, trips, tours, multi-day trips, camps and special events. TC reserves the right to cancel, postpone or reschedule one day lessons, trips, tours, multi-day trips, camps and special events within 24 hours of the scheduled date. Circumstances include but are not limited to low enrollment, weather (ex. thunderstorms/lightning), natural disasters (ex. forest fires) and events or circumstances beyond TC’s control.


Our roll sessions are just one of the options we provide for paddlers seeking to enhance their skills and cultivate greater confidence on the water. Consider exploring our Full Immersion Whitewater Weekend or our Intermediate Whitewater Weekend for a guided progression into the world of whitewater kayaking.

And for those who have successfully completed our beginner to intermediate courses, don't forget to explore our three-day, raft-supported, whitewater kayaking camp on the Lower Deschutes River.

Visit our website to learn more! www.tumalocreek.com


Can I bring my own gear?

If you have your own gear and or boat you are more than welcome to bring your gear to the classes. It is always good to practice in the same equipment you will use after the class.

Can kids come to these lessons?

We have a strict age requirement of 15 for standard lessons. If you have a child younger than 15 please check out our offerings for Tumalo Kids or email [email protected] to get information on private classes.

Do I have to get on the water?

If you are taking a class we do require you to come out on the water and practice the techniques we are covering. Though we start on land most of our instruction is on the water so students can try the new skill in real time.

Do I have to participate in the self rescue?

It is entirely optional but highly recommended that you try your hand at a self rescue during class. Practice makes perfect and what better way to practice than by having a certified instructor right there with you.

Will I fall in?

It is entirely possible that you will fall in the water. We will always suit you up with all of the necessary safety gear for the discipline you are participating in, and our certified instructors are well versed in water rescues. But still, be prepared to swim.