Kids Afterschool Paddling Program

Kids After-school Paddling Program

Introduce new paddlers to the water, or take your kids’ skills to the next level with our Kids After-school Paddling Program. Our guides will emphasize skills, fun and safety during this once-a-week, 3-week program.

Here’s how it works:

You organize a group of 5-12 kids. Choose one discipline to study (flatwater kayak, whitewater kayak or SUP). Collect $75 from each student ($25 for each session). Give us a call to reserve your dates and times. Questions or ready to book? Please contact Sue Fox, Group Sales and Programs at 541-317-9407.

What stu­dents will learn:
• Pad­dling skills in a kayak, SUP or canoe
• Essen­tial safety skills that will prepare your kids as they dis­cover the joys of play­ing out on the river

What’s Included:

Boat or board, paddle and PFD and instructor/s with a 5-1 teacher to student ratio