Naish Glide Review

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Looking to do some flat water cruising on your lunch hour? If a fast, steady board calls your name try out the Naish Glide. Built for speed but equipped with forgiving side rails, this board is sure to change your outlook on flat water paddling.

My history with this board goes back to the first day of the season here at  Tumalo Creek when I decided to take it for a lunch time cruise behind the shop, one of the many perks of my job. Our first date I will admit I was nervous, intimidated by the length and “race” aspect of the board. My legs were shaky, my balance off, my stomach had a queasy feeling as I eased onto my knees. I’m going to be honest, initially things were moving a little too fast for me, I mean this board was built to fly. The narrow 27 1/4″ width does take some getting used to, but by the time the glide and I reached Farewell Bend Park, we were going steady. The thick edges measuring in at 5 3/4″ made this board buoyant enough to compensate for my lack of paddling knowledge.

At this stage in the game I’m comfortable saying that there is no board I would rather go home to. With the both 12′ and 14′ lengths  the Glide can offer the same happiness to you, whether you’re a seasoned racer or an unlearned wannabe SUPer like myself. Be sure to come into the shop and find your life partner; or if commitment isn’t your thing try multiple at our  SUP socials Monday, Tuesday or Thursday night.