Eddyline Kayak’s- A Monster in Recreational Kayaks

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Eddyline kayaks, a monster in the world of recreational and touring kayaks. With over 50 years of history Eddyline has paved the way for durable, yet performance driven kayaks.

In 1996 they integrated a new material called Carbonlite 2000 into every model. This material is 100% recyclable, which not only means these boats don’t ever make it to a landfill but neither does any of the scrap plastics that are left over from production.

Carbonlite 2000 allows the boats to have sharper lines, more rigidity, better primary and secondary stability, and weighs on average 20-30% less than a comparable poly boat. Less expensive than glass but better performance than Poly. It truly is the perfect blend of both worlds.

Here at Tumalo, we have seen a demand for Eddyline products, and are happy to be in a partnership with a brand that thinks their products through from the beginning to end. Thanks Eddyline! You Rock!

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