Hobie Cat Kayaks


Here at Tumalo Creek, we have a special place in our hearts for all things Hobie. We love these boats so much that in the fall of 2013, we piled them on top of the Tumalo Creek van and drove them down to Baja, eventually making the 120-mile voyage from Loreto to La Paz on four Hobie Island Adventure Islands. Additionally, our marketing director, Laurel, grew up racing these boats on the windy lakes of New Hampshire as a kid and has lots of nostalgia for Sunday afternoons spent at regattas throughout the state.

We are the only dealer of Hobie Cat Kayaks in Bend OR and we started carrying these boats in 2012 and have already become one of the premier dealers in the state. We carry the entire line of Hobie Kayaks, including the fishing specific Pro Angler series and the sailing specific Hobie Adventure Islands. Use the menu to the right to navigate through the many Hobie’s we carry here at Tumalo Creek.

Read more about the Hobie Company below and watch the videos to learn the whole story:

The Hobie Cat Company started in 1950 when founder Hobie Alter began shaping surfboards in his parent’s garage, eventually opening Southern California’s first surf shop in Dana Point. He experimented with new materials and eventually invented the polyurethane foam surfboard, which became the most popular board on the market.

In the late 1960s, Hobie began messing around with boats and developed the prototype for the legendary Hobie catamaran based of the design of the Polynesian twin-hulled cat. The invention transformed the sport and revolutionized the industry. In the last four decades more people have taken to the water on a Hobie Cat than nearly any other design. It would be difficult to find a large body of water anywhere in the world that didn’t have an active Hobie racing fleet.

Hobie Alter did not just create a successful business but a new way of looking at enjoying our watery world. His dream has transformed generations of boaters and sailors for whom the flying H equals fun in the sun, surf and sand.

Learn more about the history of Hobie Alter and the Hobie Cat Company by watching the videos below: