Eddyline Kayaks


Ethan-Ebersold-EddylineHere at Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe, Eddyline Kayaks are one of our best selling boats and we’re proud to be one of the premiere dealers of this brand in the U.S. Eddyline is based out of Anacortes, WA where the boats are designed and built, and as our manager John Hise likes to say, “They are the kind of company where you call and the owners still pick up the phone.” Eddyline’s west coast rep, Ethan Ebersold (pictured right) lives here in Bend, and is a dear friend of the shop, often performing with his band The Pitchfork Revolution at our Pickin’ & Paddlin’ fundraisers every summer.

The Eddyline Story:
Eddyline founder, Tom Derrer began whitewater kayaking in the 60s and became active in the Washington State paddling community, and eventually started building boats for himself and his friends. In the early 70s he became an early adopter of sea kayaking and started experimenting with advanced laminating technologies and aerospace technologies when building boats.

Tom has dedicated his life to developing and refreshing sea kayak designs and every Eddyline Kayak represents numerous innovations in hull design and accessory features. He is internationally recognized as a leader in the industry for crafting some of the finest boats available today. Eddyline resisted creating boats out of rotomolded Polyethylene and instead chose to wait for a more advanced material. In 1994, Tom found a high performing thermoplastic and Eddyline calls it Carbonlite 2000. This material does not warp, melt or distort in high temperatures and it has a hard glossy finish that is easy to repair and resistant to UV rays. And of course, it’s very light.

Eddyline has remained small throughout the decades, and either Tom or his wife Lisa really do answer the phone when we call. They have focused on quality over quantity and are truly passionate about the joy of paddling.

To experience the whole Eddyline story, please watch the video below. If you’d like more indepth information about the individual models we carry, explore the sidebar to the right or download the full Eddyline catalogue here.