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Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)

Frisky Ripples: Try SUP Yoga with Tumalo Creek

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As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not an expert at anything, with the possible exclusion of drinking coffee and eating yummy foods…for which both activities I’m totally “next level”. Yoga is […]

Frisky Ripples: Register for the Bend SUP Challenge 2017

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So I’m the race director this year for the Bend SUP Challenge in conjunction with the Subaru Outside Games. The irony here, is that I’ve flatwater raced only once and […]

John Day River Trip Whitewater SUP

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What I really want to say here is “definitely don’t go on the John Day river”. I want to write that because I don’t want a bunch of extra people […]

Frisky Ripples: Whitewater Standup Paddleboard clinic

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I introduced myself last month as a gal who enjoys outdoor activities (especially paddling), but without expert skills or “badassery”. When I think of women who DO possess those next […]

Frisky Ripples: Diary of a Central Oregon paddleboarder

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I’m not going to lie…when I considered contributing to our blog, I was both really excited and slightly terrified. On one hand, I love writing and sharing my passion for […]