Canoe Rental

Canoe Rental

Available at these locations: Bend Store  | Sunriver Store

Who knew all things old school would make their way back into popular culture? From banjos to vintage trailers to… canoes, we find ourselves seeking out life’s simpler pleasures.

In a boat that has changed so little throughout the centuries, Tumalo Creek can’t think of a more relaxing way to spend the day than renting a canoe and going for a paddle in the Old Mill or on the Cascade Lakes. You can pick your boat up just downstream from the Old Mill District and launch right from our back lawn onto the Deschutes River. Find us in Sunriver and Bend. 

Advantages a canoe has over other rental options: A canoe is a good fit for two people who want to paddle in the same vessel as well as parties with children!

Remember, when you rent with Tumalo Creek, you become a friend of the shop which means you get hooked up, including:

• Rental includes boat or board, PFD and paddle
 Staff is happy to give you a few pointers after you have chosen a boat or board to rent. For further instruction, please see our class offerings.
 Staff are available to assist in securing your rental to a roof rack with cross bars atop your vehicle for those renting for an off site self guided excursion.

Next level: If you liked canoeing, maybe you want to learn to kayak or standup paddeboard? Check out the following Tumalo Creek offerings; Paddlefest Kayaking or Paddleboarding Class offered in May, Basic Skills Kayaking Class and Basic Skills Paddleboarding Class.

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