Kayak Rental

Kayak Rental

In the Old Mill on the Deschutes River: 805 Industrial Way, Bend, OR

Whether you want a super-stable Kayak Rental for two, or a sleek Kayak Rental to race up and down the river, Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe rents the same boats they sell and proudly offers water sport enthusiasts the widest selection of kayak options in Central Oregon. See our shop location.

Tumalo Creek is the perfect spot to snag a Kayak Rental and minutes later, begin an urban Deschutes River float on-site, at the shop. All kayak rentals happen in store and are first come first serve.

Not only does Tumalo Creek offer the most comfortable and highest-quality kayak rentals in Central Oregon, Tumalo Creek is also the largest paddle outfitter east of the Cascades and South of the Columbia George. We sell affordable dry bags, water-resistant phone cases to stash belongings and a multitude of other paddle gear! Find us in Sunriver and Bend. 

Advantages a kayak has over other rental options: It can be easier to paddle and can be paddled at faster speeds than other rental offerings.

Remember, when you rent with Tumalo Creek, you become a friend of the shop which means you get hooked up, including:

 Rental includes boat or board, PFD and paddle

* If other gear is needed, check out Tumalo Creek’s retail selection; Retail Brands list and our commitment to customers

 No travel time required. With the Deschutes River flowing past Tumalo Creek’s back door, guests have the luxury of arriving to an easily found parking space and disembarking within minutes of selecting a rental boat or board.
 Staff is happy to give you a few pointers after you have chosen a boat or board to rent. For further instruction, please see our class offerings.
• Staff are available to assist in securing your rental to a roof rack with cross bars atop your vehicle for those renting for an off site self guided excursion.

Next level: If you fell in love with kayaking during your rental, check out the following Tumalo Creek offerings; Paddlefest Kayaking Clinic offered in May, Basic Skills Kayaking Class, Intermediate Skills Kayaking Class, Full Immersion Whitewater Kayaking Weekend.

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