San Juan Islands Kayaking Tour

San Juan Islands 4 Day Sea Kayaking Tour

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San Juan Islands Kayaking Tour with Tumalo Creek! The San Juan Islands Kayaking Tour is a perfect introduction to multi-day sea kayaking. You will learn sea navigation, ocean specific paddling techniques, efficient boat packing and wilderness camping skills, all while enjoying the company of friends and expert Tumalo Creek guides.

We will explore remote islands by kayak, enjoy camping-style gourmet meals and desserts, and swap stories around the campfire each evening. Watch for orcas, porpoises, sea otters, sea lions, harbor seals and bald eagles during the day, and bioluminescence and stars at night. Experience everything from rocky cliffs, warm sandy beaches, and thick island forests, with and the North Cascade mountain range in the distance.

Tumalo Creek guides are American Canoe Association (ACA) certified and have been guiding in the San Juan Islands for over a decade.

Where: Typically, we meet in Anacortes, Washington and ride the ferry to Orcas Island where we will launch.

What: Averaging three miles per day on most trips, stunning and peaceful scenery will be your backdrop as you visit and sleep atop small temperate forest islands such as Patos and Sucia. Other itineraries are available and paddling distances vary. Call Tumalo creek for more details on this seasons trips.

Cost: $775.00 for 4 days. This includes all meals and snacks, camping fees while we’re on the water, equipment rentals, and the ferry fee from Anacortes to Orcas Island when applicable.*

*Drivers that intend on driving their own vehicles on to the ferry will be responsible for making their own accommodations and paying any applicable fees.

Accommodations: Because we are traveling by kayak, we will use backpack style camping gear. Equipment should be suitable for wet weather and pack small enough to fit into a sea kayak hatch. Packing equipment in many small dry bags (5-10 liters) is the most efficient technique.

4-Day Dates: September 12-15 & 18-21, 2019

Tumalo Creek provides:

  • Sea kayak
  • Paddle
  • PFD
  • Spray skirts
  • Meals and snacks
  • Group camp gear (such as kitchen and water supplies)
  • Dry bags (for group gear only)

Participants provide:

  • Personal camping gear (compact backpacking style only)
  • Dry bags (for personal gear)
  • Beverages

San Juan Islands Tour Equipment Kayaking List 

*Gear required for this trip is available for purchase at Tumalo Creek and other local retailers. Please prepare early, as it is important to make sure all gear fits in your boat prior to departure.

San Juan Islands Kayaking

In order to feel comfortable and confident on the open water, participants are required* to take our Basic Skills Kayaking Class and/or the Intermediate Skills Kayaking Class where you will practice paddling in wind and waves, learn about navigation, and get comfortable with wet-exits and rescue techniques.

*If you are unable to attend the Intermediate Skills Kayaking Class or have any questions regarding the requirement please contact Topher Robertson, Program Director at 541-317-9407 or [email protected] The Intermediate Skills Kayaking Class is offered at a discounted rate of $75 for participants who have registered for the San Juan Island Kayaking Tour.

Sea kayaking provides different challenges from paddling on calm lakes and rivers. While we do our very best to work around tides and weather, paddling in variable conditions will test your skills and make you a stronger paddler by the end of the trip. Our guides will always be right by your side if you need assistance. We will average five to ten miles of kayaking per day, therefore strong physical fitness is essential for an enjoyable trip. Talk to us about how best to prepare for your San Juan adventure.

Keys to an enjoyable San Juan Island Kayaking Tour:

  • Strong paddling skills (Tumalo Creek’s Intermediate Skills Kayaking Class)
  • Paddling fitness (tours average five miles/day in variable weather conditions)
  • Enjoyment of backcountry style camping
  • Understanding of leave-no-trace wilderness ethics

Required Forms:

San Juan Islands kayaking in Washington State is one of the most majestic destinations in the world for touring. Located in the Puget Sound on the Washington-Canada border, this archipelago is made up of hundreds of islands, however only four are accessible by ferry, and the rest by private craft only.

With expansive views of the North Cascade Mountains, recreation opportunities in this region are stunning. Explore the mosaic of rocks, reefs and intertidal zones by kayak; lounge on secluded beaches; or hike through thick coastal forests. Home to the greatest concentration of bald eagles in the continental United States, opportunities to observe wildlife are abundant. Watch for great blue herons, marbled murrelets, harbor seals, and if you’re lucky, resident pods of orcas.

The islands are forested by a mix of coast Douglas fir, western red cedar, pacific madrone, red alder and big leaf maple. Rain seldom finds this temperate region during the late summer due to the rain shadow cast by the Olympic Mountains. August and September temperatures are mild, averaging in the high 60s and low 70s. The archipelago is protected from the Pacific Ocean by the Olympic Peninsula to the south and Vancouver Island to the west. Tumalo Creek’s San Juan Islands Kayaking Tour is the perfect way to see all these landscapes. Learn more here.

San Juans Sunset

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