Ruffwear Portage Float Coat Review

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Okay… we do have a special place in our hearts here for the folks over at Ruffwear. They are our neighbors, with their company based right here in Bend, Oregon. They are also our friends, and we love seeing them out on the river or at our events here at Tumalo Creek.

So while we may be particularly biased that the Ruffwear Portage Float Coat is the best doggie PFD out on the market for your furry friend, we also know it is the truth! This coat was designed to keep your pooch afloat if he or she happens to go overboard on a raft trip, and will help your dog feel more floaty in flatwater, giving her more time to play. It’s comfortable and adjustable too.

We’ve got lots of shop dogs here at Tumalo Creek, and in the video below our white water expert, Drew Oldfield demonstrates how the coat works and come of its best features. His dog Hank is happy to put it on because he knows it’s time to play in the water.