Jackson Journey Review

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Touring: The Jackson Journey (Compare to the Wilderness Systems Tsunami)

I took the Journey out for a paddle up the Deschutes the other day and was psyched with how comfortable and responsive it was. This is a great option for those Central Oregonians who plan to spend some time up on the Cascade Lakes where the winds kick up and the Journey’s rudder will help you keep your line. Check out Jackson’s neat little video featuring the Journey.


Three hatches for storing gear, including one small one that is accessible from the cockpit

Bungees for holding down gear

Rudder that can be steered with foot peddles

Why the Jackson Journey is a great value:

It comes with a rudder. Very few boats come with a rudder as part of the package. For most boats we sell it as an optional add-on for $200-$300 extra.

Perfect for the paddler who does not want to invest a ton of money into a super sleek fiberglass touring boat, but wants the ability to take their boat on extended trips.

The Jackson seat: Jackson is known for creating extremely comfortable whitewater boats, and this technology has been passed on to the Journey’s outfitting.