Panama Paddling Adventure

Panama Paddling Adventure
Paddling in Panama

Panama Paddling Adventure, an unforgettable journey to the Pacific Coast: a region abundant with beauty and amenities, but without crowds of tourists and development. Join the staff at Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe for our Panama Paddling Adventure, and enjoy an array of guided activities including jungle hikes, sea kayaking, snorkeling, beach walking and stargazing. Guests will have the opportunity for both airport pick-up and drop-off and a Saturday day trip to the Panama Canal before departing for our adventure to Santa Catalina on Sunday.

Sea Kayak & Camp on the Isla Coiba off the Pacific Coast of Panama

The centerpiece of the trip is a four-day, three-night sea kayaking adventure around the Isla Coiba, a tropical island paradise that has one of the most diverse arrays of species of any place in the world. For decades it was host to a national prision, but it was declared a park in the early 90s, and because of its history, very little development has occurred on the island: 85% of the forest is primary growth. Surrounding the islands is one of the largest coral reefs on the Pacific coast, teeming with 760 species of fish, 33 kinds of shark, and 20 species of whale and dolphin. Scientists estimate about half of the marine life has not even been discovered and named. The island is about an hour and half boat ride from the mainland, and the boat ride is an adventure in itself, including stops to snorkel and swim in the Technicolor water at secluded, white-sand beaches. We’ll stay at a beautiful property while in Santa Catalina close to the beach and to town. During our time in Santa Catalina, you will have the opportunity to stand up paddle board, surf, practice yoga or just hang out on one of the most stunning beaches in the region.

More Info:

Cost is $2395 per person, not including airfare. The Tumalo Creek staff will pick you up in Panama City and take care of the rest. Most breakfasts and lunches are included, with welcome and departure dinners in Santa Catalina also included. All camping meals on the Sea Kayaking Adventure are included.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have specific questions about this adventure or if you have any special needs or requests you’d like to discuss: 541.317.9407 or email

If you have always dreamed of paddling in Panama, Tumalo Creek’s Panama Paddling Adventure is the right trip for you!