Standup Paddleboards

How to buy your own Standup Paddleboard

Stand Up Paddling Boarding (SUP) is the fastest growing watersport in the world and is a relaxing way to get out on the water. With just a board, paddle and PFD you can paddle lakes, rivers and surf in the ocean.

SUP provides a full body workout but specifically works the abdominal muscles. Because you are standing up, you can enjoy better views and see the animals and plants underneath the surface of the water.

There are many different types of boards that have developed in response to changing needs of paddlers. SUPs were originally developed for surf instructors on Hawaii so they could better keep track of their students. Liard Hamilton is largely responsible for popularizing the sport, demonstrating to surfers that paddling made catching and staying on waves much easier.

Eventually people began enjoying SUP on flatwater as well and touring/racing boards emerged that were more efficient for going in a straight line. Usually these boards are 12’6 to 14’ long and have a pointed nose (bow) and a displacement hull usually seen in kayaks. These are less stable but go really fast!

The most popular board is a all-around recreational SUP. They are typically 10 – 12’ long and 29” to 36” wide and are best suited for beginners and those who want to have easy cruises close to shore or on calm lakes.

As more and more people have adopted the sport, the industry responded with very light boards that even small adults and children can carry and get on and off the car. The lightest are made from carbon, and other high-end boards have bamboo or wood decks. Mid-weight boards are crafted with fiberglass and epoxy over EPS foam.

Plastic or rotomolded boards are the heaviest and most affordable. These have the added advantage of being very durable and they are an ideal kids board. Softtops, or boards covered with a rubber traction pad are a great choice for those who plan to bring their kids or dogs out on the water with them. Inflatable SUPs are a great choice for those who travel often or live in a small space. They easily fit in the trunk and the closet and can be inflated in a matter of minutes.

Here at Tumalo Creek we carry boards by Hobie, NSP, and Surftech. We have a wide a array of SUP Paddles by Kialoa, Werner, Sawyer, Trident, and Kilcunda. We recommend the belt pack style of PFD for SUP as it will stay out of your way when you are paddling and we carry these by Hobie and MTI.