Sea Kayaks


Sea kayaks are long and narrow for the intermediate to advanced paddler who is looking for an efficient, fast boat that tracks straight in all weather and wave conditions. Their design allows a balance of stability, easy maneuverability and aggressive positioning. Water-tight compartments for gear are perfect for longer adventures, and many models also include a rudder or skeg to aid in maneuverability.

They are also great for the new paddler who is looking for the satisfaction of a top of the line, fast boat with a shorter learning curve for excelling out on the water. This is the right choice for paddlers who want to cover long distance, or to simply have the most efficient flat-water experience. This is also an excellent boat to “grow in to” if you are interested in advancing your skills. Tumalo Creek offers an Intermediate Skills Kayak Class three times a summer at Elk Lake which is a great way to prepare for a trip on the open seas.

You may also be interested in our San Juan Islands Sea Kayaking Trip or our Panama Adventure Week, both which center around sea kayaking.

Here are some of our best selling sea kayaks. We also carry the Chatham and Elisa from Necky.

Current Designs Gulfstream

Current Designs Gulfstream for sale in Bend Oregon at Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe

Current Designs Gulfstream

Length: 16′ 10″ | Beam: 23.75″ | Weight: 51 lbs | Cockpit Size: 30″ x 16″ Stability: Med

An iconic design in the world of sea kayaking, the Gulfstream was created by world famous designer Derek Hutchinson. It’s highly maneuverable and appeals to those who want to make their kayak dance with a tilt of the boat and a stroke of the paddle. A retractable skeg enhances tracking on longer trips and in adverse conditions. The Gulfstream’s forward and stern hatches give ample storage space and a watertight seal.


Wilderness Systems Tempest

Wilderness Systems Tempest for sale in Bend Oregon at Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe

Wilderness Systems Tempest

Length: 16′ 6″ | Beam: 21.5″ | Weight: 57 lbs | Cockpit Size: 34″ x 18″ Stability: Med

The Tempest is quite simply one of the most highly acclaimed sea kayaks out there. It’s a beautiful boat and a joy to take out on the seas. Advanced paddlers will love the storage capacity, comfort and aesthetic of these top-of-the-line boats.


Eddyline Raven

Eddyline Raven for sale in Bend Oregon at Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe

Eddyline Raven

Length: 16′ 9″ | Beam: 22″ | Weight: 52 lbs | Cockpit Size: 31.5″ x 16.5″ | Capacity: 340 lbs | Stability: Medium

Named for the playful nature of this bird, the Raven was introduced in the 80’s and a departure from the typical sea kayak design. Owner and designer Tom Derrer dug into his whitewater roots to create a boat that is more responsive, maneuverable and fun. It has been named one of the most responsive boats around by Outside Magazine.