KIALOA Paddles


KIALOA is based here in Bend Oregon we often see the owners Dave and Meg Chun paddling the stretch of river behind our store on any given evening throughout the spring, summer and fall. They are heavily invested in the community of Bend and started an outrigger club here in the early 90s that still competes today. Their passion and dedication to their business is contagious. They brought the Aloha spirit with them from Hawaii in 1992, and have been one of the cornerstones of the Central Oregon paddling scene as well as the founding fathers of the Bend/Hawaii connection.


Dave-Chun-KIALOA-bend-oregonKIALOA Paddles was born in 1991 on the Island of Oahu, more specifically on Dave Chuns parents’ lanai where he crafted his first wood paddles for outrigger canoe racing. Dave and Meg met on the island and married, joining together island heritage with mainland progressiveness.


The name KIALOA does not come from the Hawaiian definition meaning “a swift, fast canoe,” but from a beautiful sailboat Dave observed as a kid while out walking with his father on Oahu. Dave built a model sailboat he called KIALOA based on the beautiful boat owned by Jim Kilroy named Kialoa II, and he promised himself if he ever owned his own company that that is what he would call it. So the name is more of a homage to the time he spent with his father and his appreciation for being given the chance to dream.


To truly do justice to the Chuns authenticity and passion, we will refer to a quote by another Bend local and Hawaii transplant Gerry Lopez who has this to say about Dave:


“I have heard it said that people who do what they want for a living end up doing what it is they are best at. I surf and build surfboards because I love it and think it’s the only thing I know how to do. Dave Chun builds paddles because he knows how to do it right. KIALOA Paddles are state of the art. When I watch Dave working or just talking about paddles, I can sense some very heavy feelings. The Hawaiians call this Mana and I believe it is a cosmic energy that flows through everything in the universe like the wind, the waves, rocks, plants and animals. Mana in humans is manifested as great skills, talents, strengths, intelligence and character. When using a KIALOA Paddle, that electric sensation one feels is the Mana. Keep Paddling.”


We carry a full line of KIALOA Paddles and it goes without saying we can get anything you’d like special ordered within a day or two.