Hurricane Kayaks


Hurricane began back in 1998 when a group of kayaking veterans decided to get together and create a new kind of boat made out of thermoformed plastic. The idea was to create great boats that performed like composites but at a fraction of the cost. Therefore Hurricanes are lighter and stiffer with a beautiful finish. The company’s philosophy is to give each paddler a superior experience out on the water and every detail of their boats have been designed with this goal in mind.


All boats have an Airestream fully adjustable seat and a range of options like expanded cockpits and rudder packages. They offer a range of boats from recreational kayaks, lightweight touring boats, and sit-on-tops.


Hurricane is the only company out there that uses a special material called Trylon to thermo-mold their boats. Some benefits to Trylon include:


Lightweight: 10 – 15 lbs. lighter than comparable kayaks


Rigid: They are stiffer than polyethylene boats, which means more efficiency out on the water


No Warping: Trylon retains its shape without warping or oil canning.


Less Friction: More glide, less water surface friction


Very Little Maintenance: It is easy to repair your boat with simple adhesives found at a local hardware store


Gorgeous: It will always look good with a high luster surface that won’t fade in the sun


craig-richterOur Hurricane Rep:

Our Hurricane Rep:

Craig Richter is one of our favorite reps here at Tumalo Creek and he frequently makes the trek over the mountains to come see us here in Bend. He’s had a long history of a life spent out on the rivers and has been a professional guide both here in the Pacific Northwest, down in Costa Rica and even in India.