Current Designs Kayaks

Current Designs was born when Brian Henry began exploring the West Coast of British Columbia by kayak and saw the need for better boats and equipment for true kayaking enthusiasts. Brian started small, building boats for his friends but quickly gained a reputation for both his kayaking expeditions and his building. He opened a small shop on the southern most tip of Victoria Island, which became the foundation for launching Current Designs to the world.

The first production kayaks were built in the early 80s and throughout the next few decades new designs, refinements and quality improvements became necessary. Brian partnered with world famous designers like legendary British kayaker Derek Hutchinson and New England-based designer Barry Buchanan and most recently with Nigel Foster.

Rotomolded polyethylene production made it possible for first-time buyers and rental operations to enjoy Current Designs at affordable prices. And as the popularity of kayaking spread CD dove into recreational kayak design creating the Vision family of kayaks, one of our best-selling boats here at Tumalo Creek.

Our customers choose Current Designs kayaks because they are looking for the absolute lightest weight boat on the market with a seamless design. If weight is a major factor preventing you from getting into the sport of kayaking, we encourage you to come down to the shop today and try out one of our Current Designs. These beautiful boats are an absolute joy to paddle.

What we carry:

Vision 120
Vision 130
Vision 140
Vision 150