Intro to Whitewater Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) Class

Intro to Whitewater Paddleboard is a full-day, introductory course to whitewater paddleboarding taught by TCKC ACA instructors. In this course paddlers will learn about paddleboard equipment necessary to paddle safely, staying balanced on the board through rapids, strokes unique to whitewater, foot positioning, and how to safely “swim and recover” when falling off the board. This course will also cover how to read water, environmental etiquette, river regulations and mitigating risk.

The course will be offered once a month, June-September from 9-5pm and will require previous paddleboard experience on flat water. We will launch at Warm Springs after an onland safety discussion, risk management and basic stroke review. Directly prior to launching we will also lead a brief warm up and practice dropping to a knee and recovering to standing position. TCKC instructors will periodically group up and drill on skills in relevant areas, for eddy turns and peel outs. During the day we will discuss in greater detail the environmental considerations and methods to reduce user impact on the area, other river users and adhering to river regulations.