Brace & Roll at Juniper (winter)

Brace & Roll (winter) Classes from Tumalo Creek Kayak and Canoe at Juniper Swim and Fitness

Brace & Roll at Juniper (winter)

Whether it is your first time in a white­wa­ter kayak, or you need a thor­ough refresher after years out of your boat, Tumalo Creek’s Brace & Roll (winter) Classes are a great place to start. Tumalo Creek offers a two-hour and three-hour Brace & Roll (winter) Class at Juniper Swim & Fit­ness Sun­day evening through the end of April (except during holidays).

SPECIAL 2017 PACKAGE DISCOUNT NOW OFFERED THROUGH APRIL! This consists of three consecutive Sunday Brace & Roll Classes (the first, a 3-hour and the following two, 2-hour) for $65, plus a 10% discount on follow-up course options Full Immersion or Women’s Whitewater Weekend when all three Brace & Roll Sessions have been completed consecutively. Call store for sign-up and details! 

Three-hour class:
Meets at Tumalo Creek where we’ll take the first hour to get to know each other and get to know the sport, with a com­plete intro­duc­tion to the roll, an instruc­tional video, plenty of time to learn about gear and get com­fort­able in our boats. If you are new to paddling and have never been introduced to the roll, wet exits or t-rescues, this is the class for you.

Our three-hour Brace & Roll (winter) Class costs $35 (+ Bend Park and Recreation reg­is­tra­tion fee) and goes from 3-6 p.m. every Sun­day. Meet at Tumalo Creek for the first hour of class. We’ll then drive over to Juniper Swim & Fit­ness for the pool portion.

Two-hour class:
If you have com­pleted the full three-hour class or one of our Intro to Whitewater Classes, you are wel­come to join us every week for the Two-Hour Brace & Roll (winter) Class from 4-6 p.m. for $25 (+ Park and Rec reg­is­tra­tion fee).

The two-hour Brace & Roll (winter) Class is just the “pool time” por­tion of our three-hour Brace and Roll (winter) Class. This class is most appropriate for those who have at least some familiarity with wet exits and t-rescues.

We’ll spend the remaining two hours in the heated pool learn­ing and prac­tic­ing hip snaps, high and low brac­ing, and t-rescues. We’ll give plenty of one-on-one time with each pad­dler to intro­duce and refine the roll.

We are happy to pro­vide gear, so please be sure to fill out your height and weight when reg­is­ter­ing online.

Reg­is­ter­ing for the roll ses­sion is now a two-step process. Please see below for direc­tions on how to sign up with Bend Park and Recreation. Stu­dents are now asked to book instruction with Tumalo Creek (through our online system Xola) AND register with Bend Parks and Recreation. Thank you for your under­stand­ing and we apologize for any complication.

Sign up instructions:
• First decide on the date or dates of your roll class.
• Reg­is­ter for those dates online with Bend Park and Recreation by fol­low­ing this link.
• Cre­ate your account. Once you have been redi­rected back to the main reg­is­tra­tion page, scroll down a lit­tle and look for a box that says “Activ­ity Num­ber” on the right mid­dle of the page. Enter activ­ity num­ber: 405100

• Sign up for the dates you would like to join our roll ses­sion class. It is $12 in dis­trict, and $16 out of dis­trict (district being Bend Parks and Recreation).

Please also sign up for the class with Tumalo Creek through Xola by fol­low­ing the BOOK NOW links in the sidebar. We do not take online reservations within 24 hours of the class. Please call the shop, as there are often spaces open last minute: 541-317-9407.  We require a minimum class size, so periodically we need to reschedule due to low enrollment.

Additional Options and next steps:

Our Brace & Roll (winter) Clinic at Juniper Swim & Fitness through Tumalo Creek, is just one of the many options available to new boaters who are looking to improve their skills and become more confident paddlers. This summer we’ll be offering a Rapid Progression Thursday Paddling Clinic, paddlers are also welcome to practice rolling on their own in our heated pool during Independent Roll Practice, available whenever the pool is not being used for classes (May-September). We encourage female paddlers to sign up for our exclusive Women’s Whitewater Weekend featuring some of Bend’s finest whitewater instructors. Remember, you can practice technique in any season with Tumalo Creek because we also offer Brace & Roll (summer) Classes at our on-site solar heated pool.