Basic Skills Paddleboard Class (BSP)


Basic Skills Paddleboard Class (BSP)


Have you ever been on a standup paddleboard before? Was it a shaky experience? Or, maybe you want to learn the correct paddle strokes to maximize efficiency and improve your workout? If you answered yes to any of these questions than Tumalo Creek’s Basic Skills Standup Paddleboard Class (BSUP) is the perfect class for you.

Prior to getting on the water, we’ll cover basic board design, how to hold a paddle correctly and where to stand on your board for optimal balance. We’ll even practice what to do if you fall in (it happens to everyone). Once on the water, you will learn the basic forward stroke to maximize efficiency and speed, while utilizing your core.  You’ll also learn various turn strokes so you can comfortably maneuver all sorts of river features.

After completing our Basic Skills Standup Paddleboard Class (BSUP), most new standup paddleboarders feel confident to rent or purchase their own gear. Those students who aren’t new to the sport, but want to improve their technique, will understand the fundamentals so they can integrate additional skills into their personal paddling experience. Sign up now and let the fun begin.

We welcome all participants age 15 years and older.

We do not take online reservations within 24 hours of the class. Please call the shop, as there are often spaces open last minute: 541.317.9407.  We require a minimum class size, so periodically we need to reschedule due to low enrollment.

Those interested in our standup paddleboard offerings here at Tumalo Creek might also be interested in the affordable SUP Social Nights from 6 – 8 p.m. we offer throughout the summer. Mondays and Thursdays are co-ed SUP Social Night.  To take your paddleboarding to the next level, Tuesdays, we offer Yoga SUP Night or check out our Intermediate Skills Standup Paddleboard Class.

Last, we know this sport is addictive, and eventually almost everyone that tries it wants their own board. Learn more about purchasing stand up paddleboards here at Tumalo Creek from our expert staff of paddlers. Thanks to Sue Fox our in-house SUP enthusiast, we also have a great article on buying stand up paddleboard paddles.