Recreational Kayaks

Watch this short video for a brief introduction to Recreational Kayaks at Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe.


Tumalo Creek carries a wide variety of smaller recreational boats for those looking for a casual, low-impact experience out on the water.  These boats are made for an easy day exploring Hosmer or Sparks Lake. They have great initial stability with is perfect for beginning paddlers. They are made to accommodate anglers, photographers, casual kayakers and kids who want to have fun out on gentle rivers, ponds and lakes. These boats are not ideal for open waters with heavy wind and currents.

Recreational kayaks usually have a smaller storage area or bulkhead for short day trips, though some have a larger bulkhead that could fit more gear. These boats are 10 – 12 feet long and have a very large cockpit for a more open feeling and easy of getting in and out. The wider beam (width) of the boat gives it more stability. Get the best of both worlds with performance recreation kayaks. Combine the cockpit size and performance of a touring boat and then add the stability of a recreation boat and you have a match made in heaven. These boats are a lot of fun to paddle without compromising balance.

Overall recreational kayaks are perfect for beginners and affordable enough to get one for each of the kids.


Here are some examples of our best selling recreational kayaks at Tumalo Creek:


Eddyline Skylark


We have Eddyline Skylarks in a full range of colors.

Eddyline Skylark

Length: 12′ | Beam: 26″ | Weight: 41 lbs | Cockpit Size: 35″ x 18.5″ | Capacity: 295 lbs | Stability: High

This is a favorite choice among Central Oregon paddlers. It fits into a whole new catagory considered a “cross over.” It is essentially a rec boat in size and fit, but has been carefully designed with many of the features and performance of a sea kayak. It is roomy and stable enough for the entry level paddler, but efficient enough to keep up with an experienced crew on a longer cruise. It is crafted in the Greenland style and has hard chines making it easy to carve. The Skylark comes standard without thigh braces and can be ordered with as an option. Rudder Free Design.


Eddyline Sky 10

The Eddyline Sky 10 is available in Bend Oregon at Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe

Eddyline Sky 10

Length: 10′ | Beam: 26″ | Weight: 35 lbs | Cockpit Size: 35″ x 18.5″ | Capacity: 250 lbs | Stability: High

The boat was designed due to the popularity of the Skylark and the ever increasing demand for smaller, lighter boats. It’s two feet shorter than it’s sister boat and six lbs. lighter. This makes handling and car topping so much easier. Don’t let a heavy boat keep you back from enjoying a beautiful afternoon on Sparks Lake! The Sky 10 has most of the qualities and features of the Skylark including a roomy cockpit and a comfortable seat and backrest. Plenty of storage space forward and aft.

Other popular models by Eddyline include the Sandpiper and the Equinox.


Hurricane Santee and Santee Sport

Hurricane Santee for sale in Bend Oregon

Hurricane Santee

(Length and width changes with various models but they weigh around 35 lbs.)

The designers of this boat had one thing in mind: fun. They wanted to make a boat that would appeal to a whole range of paddlers, from first-timers to experience paddlers who want to show off their carving skills. Ranging from 10 to 13 feet and a tandem model, the Santee has a very comfortable AireStream seat with thigh pads. Hurricane uses a lightweight patended Trylon material which is very light weight and has a high-luster appearance that won’t fade in the sun.


Pungo 120


Length: 12′ | Beam: 29″ | Weight: 49 lbs | Cockpit Size: 57″ x 22″ | Capacity: 325 lbs | Stability: High

Another one of our best selling recreational kayaks here at Tumalo Creek. The Pungo features an impressive balance of manageability, stability, speed and comfort. There is plenty of storage capacity, but it is light enough to handle with easy.



Some other recommended recreational kayaks that we carry include

Emotion’s Glide, Bliss and Envy 11

Necky’s Manitou Sport, Rip 10 and Rip 12

Perception Prodigy