Inflatable Kayak Rentals

Rent Inflatable Kayaks in Bend Oregon

Inflatable Kayak Rentals

We rent high-quality Rocky Mountain Raft and Aire Tom Cat inflatable kayaks in single and tandems from our store in the heart of Bend, Oregon. Inflatable kayaks are the perfect vessel for someone new to whitewater boating who wants to experience the fun and excitement of paddling their own boat close to the water. These kayaks literally plow through holes that would normally flip a hard shell making them a no-stress, all-fun way to get down the river.

Consider taking an inflatable kayak or “ducky” along for your next extended raft trip or single-day jaunt. They are a great way to get the kids out enjoying the river on their own, or to break up a long day as a passenger on a raft. New paddlers will easily bob down Class II and III rapids and in the event of a flip, it is relatively easy to self-rescue.

Single Inflatable Kayak: $40 for two hours or $80 for the day

Tandem Inflatable Kayak: $70 for two hours or $120 for the day