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Canoe Rentals

Who knew all things old school would make their way back into popular culture? From banjos to vintage trailers to… canoes, we find our selves seeking out life’s simpler pleasures.

We can’t think of a more relaxing way to spend the day than a gentle paddle in the Old Mill or on the Cascade Lakes in a boat that has changed so little throughout the centuries.

You can pick your boat up just downstream from the Old Mill District and launch right from our back lawn onto the Deschutes River. For those looking for a more ambitious journey, we can help you secure your boat onto your truck or car if you have a roof rack and crossbars. The Cascade Lakes are about a 30/45 minute drive from Bend and we’ll give you a map with great directions to launching areas. We’ve displayed the maps below if you’d like to take a look at them online.

We rent high-quality Wen-on-ah Canoes.

Our in-house canoe expert John Hise has a few recommendations of his favorite spots to take his boat:

Slough Camp

This is a some-what secret spot that even many locals don’t know how to find. We’ll give you a hint: Put in at Aspen Camp and paddle upstream towards Benham Falls and keep your eye out for a water trail on river right (well… that will be on your left if you are paddling up stream.)

Wickiup to Wyeth

Launch at the Tenino Boat Launch and take out at Wyeth Campground. If you need help or this sounds too complicated, make your life easier and just come with us. We offer a Tenino to Wyeth tour every few weeks as a Full Day Deschutes River Tour. If your heart is set on going on a day we don’t offer the tour, talk to CogWild: they provide shuttles at $85/hour. Give them a call at 541-385-7002.

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